Dover Green offers recruitment agencies a tax efficient solution to their payroll requirements, irrespective of size or complexity. As a group we have over 13 years’ experience in providing contractor services throughout various industries.

Our Payroll service allows recruitment agencies to concentrate on core business activities without having to worry about government legislation and administration. Staff can be released to concentrate on placing candidates thus increasing productivity and optimising the use of resources.

Please view our Introduction to Dover Green Brochure for more details

Our solutions are underpinned by comprehensive support arrangements and customer relationship management, which ensures our services and products continually meet and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Why engage with Dover Green?

  • Removes Risk - Simply put, contracting with Dover Green removes the risk of potential tax or other liabilities falling on you as an Agency when making gross payments to Dover Green. Dover Green has been established to facilitate the use and payment of Self-Employed individuals such that these individuals can be paid gross and will be required to manage their own tax affairs removing the onus and risk of any tax responsibilities off the Agency

  • Saves Time and Administration - Being able to make gross payments removes the need for you to administer a PAYE scheme for the self-employed contractors working through Dover Green

  • Lowers Costs - If based in the United Kingdom, you need not pay Employer’s National Insurance as you are no longer the employer

  • Improves Cash Flow - There is no VAT on invoices as Dover Green is based in the Channel Islands which are outside the scope of UK VAT

  • No Agency Worker Regulation (AWR) requirements - As contractors are self-employed, this legislation does not apply

If your agency is interested in finding out more information on how Dover Green operates and its contractual relationships, please contact us with any questions you may have on 0345 646 0105 or email info@dovergreen.com